Mercedes opts for extra shows, fewer buttons within the 2021 S-Class

Teaser pictures and leaked pictures of the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class suggested the automaker became transferring toward a extra digital-centric interior. That also can want been a precise understatement.

Mercedes-Benz printed Monday its 2nd-generation MBUX infotainment design, and it is loaded with new technology, alongside with touchscreens, augmented truth heads-up give an explanation for and improved sigh and facial recognition. Gone are many of the bodily switches give an explanation for within the older version of the S-Class. Mercedes mentioned it eradicated 27 mechanical switches for the 2021 model.

The upshot: Mercedes is linking technology with luxury. And while your whole interior of the brand new S-Class has but to be printed, it looks the firm is transitioning away from a pretty crowded speed and heart console rental that in outdated models incorporated every hang of analog button and change, as successfully as more moderen digital shows.

Earlier than diving into the tech that stands out within the most modern version of MBUX, here’s a handy graphic that provides a top level opinion.

mercedes benz s class mbux

Image Credit ranking: Mercedes-Benz

The necessary-generation Mercedes-Benz Particular person Trip, or MBUX, design became unveiled in January 2018 at the CES tech change give an explanation for and debuted within the automaker’s A Class hatchback. That became a departure for Mercedes, which has historically reserved its finest tech for its flagship model, the S-Class. Mercedes is returning to that draw with the brand new edition of MBUX heading to the 2021 S-Class.

Right here are the highlights.

5 touchscreens

You read that accurately. The 2021 Mercedes S Class will rep as a lot as 5 touchscreens, which entails shows for passengers. The S-Class will draw standardly geared up with 12.eight-whisk OLED shows that embody haptic feedback.

The actual person can build watch over or regain entry to features on the shows by touching or swiping the precise display veil or by the utilization of sigh build watch over, pure hand gestures and now gaze build watch over. Mercedes did help wait on on some features, relish lights and windshield wipers off of the touchscreen. The climate build watch over panel is permanently at the decrease edge of the give an explanation for.

The design will provide the hang of customization an S-Class owner would request. Preferences might maybe maybe even be saved within the vehicle’s private “Mercedes me” profile. As a lot as seven completely different profiles are conceivable within the vehicle.

The appears to be like of the shows can additionally be individualized with a assortment of Four give an explanation for styles — discreet, sporty, outlandish and traditional. There are three particular person modes, as successfully, to veil navigation, assistance and carrier. Veil yell material can additionally be shared with completely different passengers.

Within the wait on seat, the keep as a lot as about a shows are optionally accessible, passengers can fragment, purchase and amend navigation locations.

3D give an explanation for

Image Credit ranking: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes has adopted 3D technology into the vehicle, particularly for the driver give an explanation for. The three-dimensional develop is doable with out having to position on 3D glasses, the automaker mentioned.

The firm became in a local to complete this develop by combining an long-established LCD give an explanation for with a completely different pixel building and a controllable LCD aperture grill. A barrier veil is placed about a millimeters in front of the LCD. The tip result is that the left and factual uncover watch completely different pixels of the LCD, growing the semblance of depth.

The 3D give an explanation for feature might maybe maybe even be adjusted to a 2D or flatter graphic.


Mercedes-Benz build an early emphasis on sigh within the first-generation of MBUX. The automaker mentioned it has improved its sigh assistant extra. As an illustration, sure actions might maybe maybe even be precipitated with out the “Hello Mercedes” activation keyword to simply salvage a telephone call or give an explanation for the navigation draw. “Hello Mercedes” can now give an explanation for extra in-vehicle questions similar to the keep the first-serve bundle is found or how to join a smartphone by ability of Bluetooth.

The sigh assistant now understands instructions and questions when it comes to infotainment sector and vehicle operation in 27 languages. It has additionally change into a ways extra pure and continues to be taught — two areas we hope to take a look at. As an illustration, the sigh assistant understands oblique language, similar to if a particular person says “I’m frosty” as an different of the sure expose “Region temperature in footwell to 72 levels.”

There’s additionally a brand new “Chit-Chat” feature that provides the factual resolution to many questions — even questions about animal noises or widespread details might maybe maybe even be answered, Mercedes claims.


Mercedes is all-in on the protection of this vehicle. The standard PIN entry is quiet on the S-Class. The automaker has added a brand new authentication draw to make certain a high level of security.

The design now combines fingerprint, face and sigh recognition. This permits regain entry to to person settings. That extra layer of security isn’t there to give protection to your seating desire, although maybe that’s value preserving. It’s additionally there to permit customers to hang funds digitally from within the vehicle.

Security features and assistants

Besides the sigh assistant, the infotainment design is supplied with completely different tools to attend the driver.

As an illustration, there’s a completely different blind sigh warning designed for drivers leaving their vehicle. Sensors and cameras can detect the driver’s design to leave and can danger warning if there are road customers and obstacles alongside the vehicle. One other warning will alert of an unattached child seat on the front passenger seat.

The vehicle will additionally hear for cues to gauge the alertness level of the driver. If the driver says “I’m tired,” an activation program of energizing comfort build watch over is started. The identical sentence from the rear begins a successfully-being program.